English course C2


Increase your level of knowledge of the English language within a well-defined framework.

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C2 C2.2 Level 5 - CPE 990 Advanced


Il English course C2 it is aimed primarily at users interested in the use of the language for work and study and who therefore requires rapid and systematic preparation with a linear progression of level.


20 hours. The duration indicated is to be considered indicative with respect to an average evaluation of use of the aforementioned course.


II English course C2 includes 10 multimedia lessons that develop from the situations of everyday life represented in the episodes of the sit-com with in-depth study of linguistic themes in the language focus (video lessons conducted by the teacher) and 10 lessons  (Special Lessons) to further expand users' vocabulary on issues of general interest. Each of these lessons is centered on a theme, developed from an audiovisual scene created as an interview in the studio with an expert, on the model of in-depth journalistic TV programs.

1 A beautiful country life The passive: various types of construction. The verb "to get" in the passive. The passive of the phrasal verbs. By and with for the agent complement. Indirect questions.
2 Until the next reunion In-depth study of phrasal verbs.

The prepositional phrases (prepositional phrases) introduced by at, by, for, from, and under.

Conversational expressions to socialize.

3 Together again The most common expressions for making arrangements, making, accepting or rejecting a proposal and making or canceling an appointment, even over the phone.
4 Life's stranger than fiction Review of interrogative forms: the yes / no questions; the wh-questions; questions in which the interrogative particle is used as the subject; questions about the object and questions about the subject being compared; indirect questions; the question tags; the comment tags; frequently used questions.
5 first love Expressions for: asking and expressing an opinion; comment on something; ask if you agree on something; express full or partial agreement; express disagreement; ask for clarification or details; ask to repeat what has been said.
6 Love works wonders Talking about the habits of the present and the past with: "to be used to"; "To get used to"; "To become used to"; "To be accustomed to"; "To become / get accustomed to"; "Used to"; "Would + infinite".
7 Playing hard to get? Talking about tastes and preferences, that is: how to express liking about something or someone; how to express dissatisfaction; how to express neutral opinions. Review of the comparative of equality. The adverbs of intensity.
8 Life's full of surprises The structures to express a regret or a regret: the hypothetical period of the third type; the combination of the second and third hypothetical periods; “Should have” + past participle; "To wish"; "If only".
9 It's not like you think! Expressions for making comments, responding to a statement, rejecting an invitation or proposal, and denying permission.
10 Opportunity knocks Times and structures that express certainty, probability, possibility and improbability. The adjectives "likely" and "unlikely". The use of bound, certain and sure.

Special lessons

11 Sport: golf Terms relating to golf.
12 Travel: St. Petersburg: White Nights Analysis of travel related expressions.
13 Let's talk: You've won 20 million! Analysis of expressions related to what could be done after winning a large sum of money.
14 Kitchen: Preserves Various ways of storing food.
15 Let's talk: Change menagement Terminology relating to the administration of a business.
16 Cinema: Star Wars Verbs related to the world of cinema.
17 Music: The Royal Opera House, London Terminology concerning the world of opera.
18 Travel: Volunteer holidays Talk about volunteer organizations.
19 Sports: Wimbledon Tennis-related terminology.
20 Kitchen: Wine-tasting Vocabulary relating to the choice of wines.



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