Food safety is a hot topic of our time, characterized by internationalization and spectacularization of the kitchen. The spread like wildfire of small or large places that serve food, often in the form of take away, has made it essential to pay the necessary attention so that the right of every consumer to scrupulous control of all stages of the food process is guaranteed. 

In this context, it is a precise duty, of all food personnel and those responsible for procedures, to ensure maximum safety. 

THEHACCP represents a systematic approach that leads to the identification of hazards of a chemical-biological nature (inherent in the handling of food) and to the definition of the related control measures. 

In April 2004, the issue was also addressed in the community, with the issue of a special regulation on food hygiene, of the European Parliament and of the Council. 

HACCP training 

All food handlers (and also personnel involved in the food process but not in direct contact with food) and those responsible for procedures must receive adequate training on: 

- the characteristics of HACCP 

- the relationship with the various subjects involved in the food process 

- the different phases of the HACCP plan 

- the risks and prevention of contamination 

- cleanliness of the premises and personal hygiene 

- the legislation on HACCP  

What is the law in my region? 

In Italy, every Region is autonomous in the creation of its own discipline to regulate the training of employees and managers of the food sector. 

The companies that deal with e-learning and the training centers must pay the utmost attention in drawing up tables that can clarify, region by region, the relative legislation, the planned training courses and the procedures for accreditation with regional institutions. 

For information on the legislation in your region, you can send us an email by filling out the form below and receive all the information necessary for your HACCP training. 

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