THENotice 2/2019 Fondimpresa has allocated 20 million euro for the realization of corporate or intercompany training plans aimed at workers of smaller SMEs.

Only SMEs that meet the requirements of the Notice that have not already used Fondimpresa Notice 2/2018 and who have not benefited, after 31 December 2018, from Funded Plans on the Fund's System Account Notices, can participate.

It is obviously a condition that the companies concerned present an active balance on their own Training account, and who have accrued on their Training Account an average annual provision, gross of any uses for training plans, not exceeding € 10.000,00.

As usual, there is also a additional contribution of the value between €1.500 e €10.000 by company, on the basis of the aid scheme applied and on the basis of the initial accrual of the current year on all serial numbers of the Company Training Account. In the case of an intercompany plan, the thresholds apply to the individual participating company.

In any case the maximum eligible funding, resulting from the sum of the additional contribution per beneficiary company and the totality of the resources set aside on the Training Account, cannot exceed the total amount of €40.000.

The plan can be activated starting from 17 January 2020,  while applications can be submitted from 9:00 on February 17 2020 until 13:00 on April 20 2020.

For general information on how to access the Notice, the first assistance counters are active Territorial Articulations of Fondimpresa.

For further information and for the full Notice, use the Fondimpresa website, where worksheets for Cost and Financing simulations are also available.